Have you ever went on a graduation trip with friends? Did you have fun? A girl named Audrey Chong shared her experience with Youth.sg. The story was posted on their Facebook page. You can read the full post below:

“I thought planning a holiday with my friends would be all rainbows and sparkles, but the execution was a lot tougher than I expected.

I faced all sorts of problems, from convincing worried parents and gathering enough money to finding friends who will not bail out before the trip. Even on the holiday, things like Google Maps messing up and us having to share one portable Wi-Fi router while on separate routes only led to more arguments.

But the most challenging thing for a non-early riser like me was being on-time. In a country like Japan, where a bus that comes at 5.01pm is gone by 5.02pm, being just a minute late would require us to change a whole day of plans.

So, if someone asks about going on a grad trip, I'd advise them against it. Because no staycation in Singapore will ever prepare you for a trip in a foreign country.”

- Audrey Chong, 19, Student

Many Netizens lambasted her for her story and we can see why. Her 'problems' include convincing parents and gathering enough money. While we agree that Google Maps messing up might be a problem, there are also places where you can purchase hardcopy maps. Also, don't you think that an argument between the friends over a Wi-Fi router just screams strawberry generation?

What took the cake was how she thought that a staycation in Singapore will prepare her for a trip in a foreign trip.

We can only imagine the amount of work that she put in to 'gather' the money for her trip. -Shudder-

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