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In news report that was shared on Stomp, a biker was seen voluntarily stepping down from his bike and put on hold his original destination, and stood under the hot sun to direct traffic, after a Woodlands traffic light broke down.

Drivers and riders were stuck when the traffic light stopped working at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 6 and Woodlands Avenue 7 on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. One rider, the biker, took it upon himself to step up, and began directing traffic. Most motorists at first thought the biker was a Traffic Police officer, but it turned out he was not as he was wearing home clothes. According to eye witnesses, the biker had parked his bike by the side of the road and took on the role of a Traffic Police officer. 

While netizens have come out in praise of the public spiritedness of the biker, it was not known how the Traffic Police themselves will view this. After all, this can be construed as posing as a public service officer.

A Singaporean man, named as 36 year old Mr Yeo Boon Han, has died on Saturday afternoon while doing an open water diving course in Bintan. Mr Yeo, an accountant who is believed to have been single, signed up for the three day two nights advanced diving course on his own.

The incident took place on the second day of the course, which was also Mr Yeo's second dive for the day. there were 4 other students diving on the same day with him. Instructors had said that nothing was amiss on Mr Yeo's first dive, and Mr Yeo did not complain of any discomfort or illness. However, during the fateful second jump, Mr Yeo indicated to his dive buddy that he wanted to ascend, even before they had dived to the required distance. 

By the time Mr Yeo and his buddy reached the surface, Mr Yeo was unresponsive. The dive crew tried to revive him, but was unsuccessful. He was declared dead at a clinic near the jetty. The cause of death has not been revealed yet.  

More problems abound for Scoot, as its flight to Taipei was beset with some issues during landing at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport on Sunday, March 24th. It was reported that oxygen masks were activated as the plane landed.

The plane landed without any other major incidents, and all 178 passengers on board the flight did not suffer from any injuries. However, a female passenger reported that her baby had vomited during the descent. There was no reports by Scoot on why the oxygen masks was activated, but Scoot did confirm that medical assistance was rendered to the female passenger and her infant. 

The plane was grounded for investigations, affecting passengers who were booked on the return flight back to Singapore. 

Ravage Records, the organisers who brought Watain to Singapore, is bringing in a black metal band this time. They announced the tour named "eastern fire Puja tour" by the band Cult Of Fire on their Facebook page. The ticket prices and show timings are yet to be announced. But the concert will be held on 1 June 2019. The concert will be held at Ebenex Live Space.

The band, Cult Of Fire, originates from Czech Republic and specializes in Black Metal. Looking at the photo above, netizens questioned if Hindu's will take over and be the ones getting triggered by this event. Hopefully no petitions will come around and no last minute cancellations on the event will happen. Please save us the embarrassment. 

Trending in Singapore: Petitions. 

Singaporeans have started yet another petition. This time, they are calling for the authorities to return a lorry driver's vehicle. The driver was involved in a fight with a cocky cyclist at Pasir Ris last year. The incident went viral a few hours after it was online, with netizens mostly criticizing the cyclist and saying that he deserved it. 

The lorry driver was investigated and had his vehicle impounded. Till this day, people continue to empathize with and help him maintain his livelihood. 

Without the lorry, the driver has to struggle to rake in an income. He used the lorry to deliver goods to earn money and still has to pay off its installment loan which totals up to $800 every month. 

His actions may have been uncalled for but netizens feel that the cyclist was also in the wrong and the driver should not be deprived of his livelihood. They are calling for the Traffic Police to return his vehicle. The petition has already gathered 3760 signatures. 

Petitions, petitions, everywhere. In this climate of petitions, do you think the Singaporean authorities will do anything or just stand idly by? The next time you feel unfair about something, will it spur you to create a petition too?


There are many kinds of people in Singapore. There are many weird kinds of people on the trains in Singapore. 

Recently, Facebook user Roco Kew posted a video of a woman's awful experience on the MRT. The woman was minding her own business with her baby on her lap when an uncouth uncle beside her started coughing loudly and deliberately at them. It seemed like he could have just been coughing in their direction at first but when the woman shouted at him to stop it, he continued coughing in their direction. It was obviously on purpose.

What is wrong with the old man? From the video, he definitely deserved to be whacked for his behaviour. Why do it on purpose when there is an innocent, clueless child? Why cough at the child in the first place? Is he mad?

Netizens have since flooded the comments to slam the uncle for being rude. A few even said that the woman should have gotten her son to pee on him. 

Just too bad. It would surely have gone more viral.

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