We have received feedback of a video circulating on social media regarding the storage of non-halal meat in a halal dedicated storage chiller. The video was taken at our North Point City store on 13 August. There are currently 2 separate chillers in the store. The non-halal chiller was being serviced that morning and some meat items were wrongly stored in the halal chiller for 30 minutes by our supplier. We have strict guidelines in managing halal products and this is not in accordance to our practice. We do not condone such action and will follow-up with the supplier.

While there was no physical contact between the products, we have nonetheless discarded all the affected halal items. A proper cleaning of the chiller was also done in accordance to the ritual advised by MUIS.

We apologize for the inconvenience and concerns caused in this isolated incident. We have also reminded all staff as well as our suppliers to adhere to our guidelines when handling halal products.

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