A video has emerged showing foreign workers at a Singapore worksite run by Lian Beng Construction Pte Ltd. According to various online sources, some speculated that the location at the Defu Substation undergoing construction. From the video, 4 constructions workers held up pieces of paper which stated "I WANT MY SALARY" in chinese, while scores of other workers were seen seated on the ground. It is unclear if the workers seated were part of the protest and were on strike while the video was filmed. 

Another image then shows 4 workers standing in from the the worksite's main gate, holding up their placards carrying the same message "I WANT MY SALARY". The Ministry of Manpower has not made a statement on the incident. Although the worksite is run by the publicly listed Lian Beng Construction Pte Ltd, netizens were quick to point out that these workers may belong to sub-contractors who defaulted on their salary payments and Lian Beng should not be blamed at this point of time. 

Others however disagreed and said that as the main contractor of the project, it is Lian Beng's responsibility to ensure all workers get paid their salaries on time even though they may be employed by the sub-contractors. 

Regardless of who is ultimately responsible, it is still shocking that in this day and age in ultra-rich Singapore, we have cheap labourers in Singapore who do not get paid their salaries on time. These people depend on their salaries to raise their families back home, the least business owners in Singapore could do is to make sure they be prompt in their salary payments. 


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