The 53 year old Singaporean man who made headline news in the Palu earthquake and tsunami recently, where he helped save a girl from the rubble of a collapsed hotel and carried her away from the coming tsunami, had succumbed to tragedy himself.

Ng Kok Choong was found dead less than a month after his heroic act, as his body was found a day after he went missing in India. He had taken off with his paraglider at Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh when the weather there suddenly worsened. When he did not return to his hotel, an alarmed was raised and Indian authorities found his body the next day. His body was spotted lying in the hills of Baijnath town.

Ng was there to take part in the Paragliding World Cup which begins on 27 October. Seems like the grim reaper did not let go of its death hold on him. 

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