In case you missed it, Chee Soon Juan has written a book "Never On Bended Knees" and has chosen to have a book launch at Lifelong Learning Institute's (LLI) event hall. The book launch was scheduled for 26 January 2019. He made enquired about the rental of the rooms with LLI on November 2018 and also gave details on his book launch to them. LLI then told him that his book launch event would be allowed at their premises. Chee then made the necessary application and paid in full for the rental of the event hall.

Things were quiet for about two months until 17 January 2019. Chee received an email from LLI stating that his booking has been canceled. A manager from LLI, Mr Dan Soh, informed Chee of the cancellation. Stating that the event and the book "do not appear” to be "related to training, skills upgrading and lifelong learning for the workforce."

Chee questioned why a book discussing national issues not be considered as "lifelong learning for the workforce" and claimed that last minute cancellations of such events by government bodies are troubling and does not speak well of the future of our country. 

This is not the first time he has met with problems regarding booking of a location for his book launch event. In a Facebook post by him on 21 January 2019, he mentioned that he also approached the National Library to book one of their seminar rooms for the event. National Library took a roundabout way to deny him of renting him any of their rooms.

Well, at least the book launch is still happening at SDP's office at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-30, Link@AMK. On the same date and time, 26 January 2019, Saturday, 2-4 pm. Do head down and show your support!

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