Do hospitals make you feel better or make you want to die more?

A man experienced severe chest pains complained about Changi General Hospital for not attending to him properly. He visited the hospital's ER in the middle of the night in January and spent the whole night under observation.

Then? Nothing.

So he was referred to CGH's cardiac clinic a week later.

Then? Nothing.

So he was recommended to go for treadmill and ECG test in March. That's 2 months later for someone who was having severe chest pains for many months.

When he tried to ask for an earlier date, he was rejected because they were "full".

Helpless, he eventually went to another hospital, NUH, 2 weeks ago. The doctors put him under observation and warded him. The next day, they found out that the poor man has his arteries 80% and 90% blocked respectively. He required immediate treatment via angioplasty.

The man underwent the procedure and got discharged the following day.

"What am I saying here?

If I had gone back to Changi Gen Hospital, I don't know what would have happened. I don't understand why the doctors in CGH could not find out what was the matter with me. what would they have done? Or kept me waiting again?"

There you go, this is the Swiss standard of living. Wait loong loong only.

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