How much fuss will you make over a wheel? A young Singaporean who flew to USA via Singapore Airlines was left very disappointed after they refused to refund him for a damaged luggage wheel. 

He believed that the Singapore Airlines staff mishandled his luggage and caused the wheel to be damaged. He was even more frustrated when SQ failed to get back to him a month after sending them an email. 

"Two weeks of radio silence until I prompted them, and they rejected my claim based on the fact that THEY DONT COVER DAMAGE TO WHEELS? I don't get it - the wheel fell apart when it was under your care? Why am i, a paying customer responsible for damage by YOUR STAFF to MY luggage?"

In a fit of anger, he decided to post a series of rants on Twitter. He complained that he chose to take SQ over other airlines because he wanted to support a local brand, which was why he is so disappointed when they did not meet his expectations. He also regretted spending more thinking that it will be better but only to realise that their service sucked. 

When SQ finally replied that they could not do anything about his wheel, he kind of lost it. In another series of tweets, he rambled on about how they will never treat economy class passengers as well and are only concerned about making profits. 

At the end of his long ranting episode, he concluded that he will never take SQ again. 

Too bad to SQ for losing a customer but more importantly, you've probably never seen anyone who takes a wheel so seriously. My precious~

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