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Nobody likes to see a dog getting abused, whether you like them or not. A video of a man abusing a dog went viral on Facebook recently. A lady who gave a backstory on the story said: “His kids were also seen, on numerous occasions, torturing the dog. Not only do they kick the dog in its belly; they used a motor leash on him, extended it to the fuller & let the dog run until he’s choked, then pressed the button to forcefully retract the leash, causing the dog to fly back to them.”

These group of people called the AVA down which took the poodle back with them to do checks on it. The dog appeared to be scared and tried to flee twice. On one occasion, a man by the name of Apollo Chan managed to catch the dog, which caused him to be bitten hard by it. These group of people hope that AVA does not return the dog to him. And we hope the same too!

There is currently also a petition making it's rounds online. This group of people has clarified that they did not start the petition and it should not be used to fund anything as the dog is currently with the AVA now.

You can see the full post here:

A British couple, Chloe Wilkinson and Patraic Walsh-Kavanagh, is crowdfunding for help to pay off their medical bills after unexpectedly giving birth to their child in Singapore. They were on a 2-day stopover in Singapore and were supposed to be on their way back to Australia when the woman, Chloe Wilkinson, was rushed to the hospital due to an infection. 

She later experienced labour pains and gave birth to the baby who was then only 24 weeks old. He weighed a mere 0.86kg and had to be put under intensive care. 

What was a short stopover may potentially be a 3-month stay in Singapore as they wait for their baby's condition to improve before flying back home. 

The couple are already using whatever money they have to pay for the medical bills but little did they know that healthcare in Singapore is so expensive. Their bills are expected to cost around $250,000. 

They are also not supposed to work in Singapore as it is against the law. Helpless, they have started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to seek financial support for their child. 

While it may be a tougher than usual start to their parenthood, they have since raised a third of their goal. With generous donations and hopefully more help, the couple may well be on their way to become brilliant parents to a lucky baby boy. 

In a viral video, the doors of a train departing from Ang Mo Kio station were fully open. The train moved 200m away from the station before it stopped and moved back to Ang Mo Kio station. 

SMRT said that a station manager had made an error which allowed the train to move off from the station without the doors closing. The station manager was in the train and kept commuters away from the door. In-train announcements were also made to tell commuters to keep away from the doors and grab onto the hand poles.

Fortunately, none of the commuters were hurt. But they did get away from the incident feeling shocked.

In latest news, IMDA now claims that MHA was consulted before the Waitain Concert was given the green light to carry on. Before the concert got banned on 7 Mar 2019, IMDA consulted several agencies if they should let Waitain go ahead with their concert. After much consideration, they decided to give it a M18 rating with stringent requirements such as the removal of certain songs and actions that might be religiously offensive.

However, before the concert was due to take place, MHA asked IMDA to reconsider canceling the concert due to "new and serious concerns about public order". 

This news came after MHA claiming that they they did not reconsider canceling the concert only when an online petition started by a Malaysian came about.

All we can say is, the tai qi game of our Government is indeed strong. I point you, you point me. But at the end of the day? It's never their fault. 

Are you a fan of coca-cola? Do you care for the low sugar versions they have been pushing out? McDonald's in Singapore has overnight replaced the classic coca-cola with the low sugar version. One particular netizen, Joel Loo, has had it. In his rant, he claims that the low sugar version of coca-cola tastes different and he wants the classic version brought back. 

First he posted on McDonald's Facebook page, to which McDonald's sent him a personal message. Joel Loo then told them that we should have the option availability so that we can make our own decisions:

On his own Facebook profile, he ranted that people who watch their diets and health should not be punished together with those that do not. You can read his full post here:

Would you petition to get the classic coke back to McDonald's? Do you love and is that passionate about a soft drink?

First, it was Rachel Chan. Now, it's Wendy Chan. What's with some parents these days?

In a Straits Times article a few days back, Wendy Chan was commenting on the changes to streaming in Singapore schools when she said that she would prefer if her children did not mix with students from the Normal stream. 

"It's because of their upbringing - their mindset and values may not be in tandem with what I agree with. It's not so much about academic performance."

Wait. What's so different or bad about their mindset? Why insult their values just because they are from a different stream? 

Her snobby comments incited a lot of rage among netizens, including Mark Rozells, who is a parent and a teacher. In a Facebook post, he said that students of different streams have their strengths and successes and emphasised that people should not judge based on class. He called out Wendy Chan for being "selfish, small-minded and poisonous". 

"And yes, family does play a big part in upbringing, which is why I worry for your children."

More worrying, in fact, if this kind of prejudice is prevalent among many Singaporean parents today. It is sad to know that there are people who remain so narrow-minded despite being in year 2019 but let's hope that not all is lost. 

"[F]or every brave school administrator who chooses to give students in Normal stream the resources, opportunities and good teachers instead of writing those kids off as deadweight...

For every teacher who believes in the students in the Normal stream...

For every parent who sees beyond the stream to who the child really is and can become...

For every non-Normal student who isn't an elitist prick...


For every politician who is willing to pay the political cost to tear down the barriers that keep the poor, minorities and the oppressed down...

Thank you."

Stupidity is real but if most of us know what is stupid from what is not, perhaps we still have a glimmer of hope. 

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