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Makansutra's Kf Seetoh has spoken up again about the plight of hawkers in Singapore. This time, the poor hawkers at Chinatown have to close for 3 months due to renovation works despite having paid market bid rates for their stalls. 

The hawkers now have "no alternative spots to conduct businesses" and are left in the lurch. How are they going to earn money for the next few months if they are not given alternatives? What about those who need the income to support elderly parents or children?

"It's like your boss telling you to take a 2 mth no pay leave cos there's office renovations.

My first salvo,  to those who want it- offer them a temp slot at the many empty hawker stalls around the island, even if its a one or two month gig.

one other thing they can do is cook from home and work with delivery companies..many stil wanna eat their stuff out of habit or even necessity. it is allowed under home business schemes with NEA."

Why is the government so lacking on sympathy? Are they only concerned about taking money without caring for the welfare of local hawkers? 

If they continue to be like this, they have no one else to blame when Singaporeans lose all trust in them. 

An event management executive, whose act of jumping onto a bonnet of a BMW that was approaching his direction was caught on video and posted for all eternity, found himself in hot soup with the law. This culminated in Chee Chu Siong being fined a maximum of $2,500 after pleading guilty to committing a rash act that endangered the personal safety of others.

Chee was out with his friends at St James Power Station, celebrating his birthday on that fateful night. He had also downed 6 bottles of whisky when Chee and his friends left the pub. It was then that Chee saw the BMW, which was being driven by a PHD, named as 70 year old Koh Poh Choh. Chee then decided to jump onto the bonnet of the BMW, after it had come to a complete stop to avoid hitting Chee. 

Chee had also stepped over the windscreen and climbed onto the roof before jumping off and walking away. But the cab driver managed to get out in time to stop Chee from walking away. It was revealed in court that Chee had also paid compensation of $12,300 to the BMW driver. This was a very costly birthday celebration by Chee. 

A batch of NSF recruits graduated from their stint at BMT on 9 Mar 2019. Normally, recruits are required to do a 24km route march before their passing out parade (POP), held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. However, these recently graduated batch of recruits were only required to do a 12km route march.

The reduce in marching was due to the recruits were not being able to get the required training in before the final march due to the safety timeout after Aloysius Pang's death. This reduction in distance is only for this graduating batch. The 24km route marches will resume after.

After the news broke, netizens flooded on Facebook giving their two cents. Most criticized our current generation and MINDEF for getting softer:

While some tried to help MINDEF explain why the route march was reduced:

What do you think? Is MINDEF going too soft on our NSFs? Or do you think that the reduction of distance was a good move?


The banning of the heavy blact metal band Watain at the last minute, on the very day they were supposed to perform in SG have got Singaporeans talking. Watain, a previously obscure group who are only known to the most ardent of black metal bands, suddenly became a household name in SG.

If you did not know who Watain are this time last week, now every Singaporean are talking about them. A non-performance have actually reversed the main aim of the Singapore government, that is to deny Singaporeans access to this evil band. But the next question has arisen. What about banning other things that threatens the very fabric of our nation? These others threaten our social and religious harmony, and based on Minister Shanmugam, well educated Singaporeans cannot tell the difference if some bad influence is around. After all, intelligent Singaporeans have been voting in PAP year after year, so we clearly don't know what is bad for us. 

So, ban Maroon 5! They are liars, they are six of them in the band yet they call themselves Maroon 5! And why only maroon? Not black, or white? Not inclusive at all! How can this be? And while we are at it, ban Manchester United as well! After all, they are the Red Devils, so can anything be more evil than a Red Devil? 

Police has confirmed that they have arrested 3 men who were believed to have been involved in an armed robbery at Rivervale Plaza Kopitiam last Sunday morning. Police were first informed of the robbery on Sunday at 11:50am by an employee of the food court.

The employee had reported that an unknown man, armed with a knife had entered the kopitiam office and demanded money. He was found to have got away with $20,000. Police identified the robber during their investigations, and arrested a 48 year old man on Thursday. However, further investigations found several inconsistencies with the employee's account of the incident. It was later ascertained that the employee himself had arranged for the robber to carry out his act. The employee got to know the robber through another man. 

Police later arrested all three for plotting and carrying out the armed robbery. 

Swedish metal band Watain has responded following the MHA and IMDA's abrupt cancellation of its Singapore gig. Its response was short and sweet and of course, full of anger.

Watain appreciated their fans' continued support but was sorry that they "were robbed of their experience in the last minute by Singapore's tragic excuse for a government."

The band was, naturally, more than displeased at how the authorities had handled the matter. They are sure that their decision will cause bigger problems for themselves as fans will be more convinced now about their contempt towards those in power. 

"It was an honor to meet you all yesterday and to sense the fire in your eyes and in your spirits. We look forward to the day we can perform for you without the interference from lesser men.

To the honorless rats behind the ban, rest assured that you in your cowardly act have only stirred the cauldrons of your own misfortune. If these men and women didn’t already feel mistrust and contempt towards ”authorities”, they sure do now. The flames of discontent have once again been kindled, may they scorch your heavens..."

Great. Now other countries know about our incompetent people in power. Shame shame.

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