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Small space to have sex Minister Josephine Teo said on Tuesday, 5 March 2019, that both the retirement age and re-employment age are to be raised. However, details are still yet to be finalized. A workgroup comprising of representatives coming from labour unions, the Government and the private sector has come to a consensus on the matter and it is a "significant milestone", she said.

The current retirement age is now 62 and re-employment age is 67.

However, on the "bright side", according to her, the eligibility age for us to get our monthly payouts from CPF will still remain at 65. How generous of her.

I wonder how many of us will be able to sleep well knowing that we have to work longer to hit our retirement ages. Does she really think that we Singaporeans really love to work that much? 

A car had mounted a kerb outside Raffles City on Tuesday afternoon, causing three people to be hurt. The accident happened near the Botanic restaurant, with police confirming that a car had been involved in an accident with three pedestrians along Bras Basah Road towards Nicoll Highway.

The three pedestrians are aged 29, 31 and 38, and all were taken conscious to Raffles Hospital and SGH. No reports on what happened to the car driver, and why he had mounted the kerb. Police are investigating the accident.

This incident highlights clearly that no matter what preparation Singapore has done to minimise risk of attacks, an attack such as this can happen anytime, and defenseless pedestrians are normally the victims. Thank goodness then that this was just an accident, with nothing more sinister towards it.

Here's a story of an irresponsible gym instructor. 

Just last month, a man visited the Push, Pull, Give gym in Tiong Bahru and for a beginner's calisthenics workout. 

Calisthenics: A form of exercising comprising various gross motor movements

There, a young trainer made him go through a series of demanding workouts. At the second set of negative pull-ups, the man felt a sudden loss of strength but persisted through the second half of the session as it involved exercises for a different muscle group. 

At the end of the session, he was exhausted and dehydrated and thought he would be fine the next day. However, that wasn't all. 

"After just three hours of sleep that night, I woke with a start because my arms were on fire! My forearms and biceps hurt so much that I could not straighten them at all. The pain persisted all through the next day and the next night as well. On Saturday, my arms started to swell and they hurt like hell. Worse, my urine turned a dark yellow, almost brown. That was when I knew this was far more than just delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). I headed straight to the A&E at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. They took a blood test and as soon as the results came out, warded me immediately and put me on an IV drip. I was on the drip for three days."

The hospital told him that he was down with a condition called rhabdomyolysis, which basically means having an injured skeletal muscle. If serious, there could be life-threatening consequences. 

The worried man contacted his gym trainer who later visited him in hospital. He also promised to offer some compensation as a measure of goodwill. 

"But he never made the payment. And practically ghosted me thereafter.

I didn’t know what was going on.
Then, one of the other co-founders called for a face-to-face meeting with me on 12 February. He denied that I had suffered rhabdomyolysis in the class and insinuated that I could have been injured elsewhere, which was frankly ridiculous."
He thus decided to post it on Facebook to warn Singaporeans against potential injuries in the gym and to tell people to trust their bodies more than their supposedly experienced gym trainers. 
"Needless to say, I’m not going back to that gym." And in fact, he might not be alone.

A beautiful community garden at the Chempaka housing estate has been forced to be destroyed. In a Facebook post a few days ago, a resident of the estate said that the Prime Minister's Office had rejected his appeal to retain the garden. As a result, the residents there have only a week or two to vacate the place. 

The heartbroken uncle wrote another letter to Lee Hsien Loong to ask for his understanding. He feels that it is unfair for the government to remove the garden because of a petty dispute that happened some time ago due to a hit and run accident nearby. 

He said that none of the residents have complained about the garden for being an obstruction. On the contrary, many neighbours in the Chempaka estate have been helping to spruce up the garden for the past 12 years. Many of them are retirees who just want to keep the kampung spirit alive. It is really unfair that so much time and community effort go to waste.

"Many neighbours and I live here for many years. I live here for 26 years and we all are like one big family. Everything was so peaceful and we work together compromising each other at times to create harmonious, Kampong spirit and neighbourliness in our estate.

Your government encourage your humble citizens to create community garden, sharing to create neighbourliness and Kampong spirit but you make us think THRICE and we will consider very hard before we want to do anything further in future."

If the government continues to be indifferent about it, the residents will start raising funds to pay off their summons.

"We are arranging resources this Sunday and next Sunday to destroy and remove everything that we had put in our hard work, efforts and creativity over the years and to close this chapter on our community work and move on with life. After all, we seniors has limited time left in this mortal life but we believe WE HAVE FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. WE HAVE FINISHED THE RACE. WE KEEP OUR FAITH."

Those who want to have a last look at the Chempaka garden are encouraged to pay a visit this weekend. Before it is too late.

SCDF firefighters just spent the entire night of 4 March, or about 13 hours so far, of battling a vegetation fire that broke out near the Lim Chu Kang Chinese cemetery on 4 March, and reports indicated that the fire has yet to be fully extinguished.

They were alerted to the fire on on Monday morning, as of night time, the firefighters were still battling the fire. The fire was described as "slow-burning" and "deep-seated" and had burned through an approximately one football field length of vegetation. To make things worse, the fire was aided by extremely windy conditions and thick vegetation. The nearest fire hydrants was also about 2km away, so the firemen had to manually lay the hoses from the fire hydrants.

They are assisted by portable pumps, that were placed at strategic locations at various points to help boost water pressure for effective firefighting. The firefighting was so long, that temporary rest and refreshment area was set up for the firefighters to take turns recuperating. 

Local activist Jolovan Wham is under investigation again for allegedly protesting outside the State Courts. All Wham did was to hold up a piece of A4-sized paper that read: "Drop the charges against Terry Xu and Daniel De Costa" and take a photo of himself. He left the place almost immediately. 

Angry at being investigated again, Wham accused the mainstream media and police for publishing fake news and "mischaracterising" him. According to the mainstream media, Wham had applied for a permit to stage a protest outside the State Courts but was rejected. It reported that he went ahead despite being told otherwise. However, the said application was actually for an event on 10 Dec 2018 - separate from the one where he simply held a piece of A4-sized paper. 

"The current investigation is for a photo I had taken on December 13 and has nothing to do with the human rights day event I tried to obtain a permit for. For the police to mention my application of this event together with the photo I took on December 13 is misleading."

Wham also said that he was never informed that the State Courts is a prohibited area for protest. Nevertheless, he maintained that he did not mean for it to be one. Instead, he merely wanted to show solidarity for his friends. 

He criticised the Singapore government for depriving citizens of the chance to peaceful assembly and defended that having one person alone does not constitute an "assembly". 

"Singapore cannot call itself a developed nation and a democracy if it continues to crack down on peaceful acts where even a photo op is criminalised...  It is mind boggling that investigations for this were initiated and my personal mobile phone was confiscated for an action which did not cause any harm."

What an alarmist culture. The Singapore government should not attack citizens at every chance it gets as it just makes them look petty and immature. Same goes for our mainstream media. Go on, they can continue to be in denial and think that Singaporeans still have faith in them. We'll see who laughs at the end. 

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