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What would you do with if you had thousands of dollars to spare? Fish hobbyists might spend that money on an Arowana that expensive to spruce up their aquariums. Nothing says 'chio' like a fish that has scales that glimmers with various different colors while swimming around your tanks. If you were to tell them you want to eat such a fish, you would probably be scolded by them.

However, a brave man decided to risk backlash from these fish hobbyists. He took to his Instagram and posted two stories, images (as seen above) of himself prepping to cook said fish as well as with the fish in the frying pan. The fish is allegedly $8,000.

What do you think of his actions? Is it a waste? Or would it be the most delicious thing you have ever tasted.

Do hospitals make you feel better or make you want to die more?

A man experienced severe chest pains complained about Changi General Hospital for not attending to him properly. He visited the hospital's ER in the middle of the night in January and spent the whole night under observation.

Then? Nothing.

So he was referred to CGH's cardiac clinic a week later.

Then? Nothing.

So he was recommended to go for treadmill and ECG test in March. That's 2 months later for someone who was having severe chest pains for many months.

When he tried to ask for an earlier date, he was rejected because they were "full".

Helpless, he eventually went to another hospital, NUH, 2 weeks ago. The doctors put him under observation and warded him. The next day, they found out that the poor man has his arteries 80% and 90% blocked respectively. He required immediate treatment via angioplasty.

The man underwent the procedure and got discharged the following day.

"What am I saying here?

If I had gone back to Changi Gen Hospital, I don't know what would have happened. I don't understand why the doctors in CGH could not find out what was the matter with me. what would they have done? Or kept me waiting again?"

There you go, this is the Swiss standard of living. Wait loong loong only.

Carouhellers strike again. Mcdonald's released 100 McGriddle burger sets together with a limited edition hoodie on 27 February 2019. This of course prompted many kiasu carouhellers to go down early to queue for the products. 

It's all cool until someone decides to put up the limited edition of 100 hoodies onto Carousell. These hoodies are currently going for as much as $400 on Carouhell. Who would buy these hoodies? To be very honest, they aren't exactly very nice either. Oh well, to each their own.

The plight of one Singaporean was shared by a Kilmar Wong on 25 February. This Singaporean earns money by collecting carton boxes. He can only collect between 300-400kg per day. At 300kilos, the carton boxes are valued at a mere $30.

This Singaporean is working to get by and support his wife who is at home. The wife suffers from rheumatism. To do his job, he rents a Toyota Hiace van which costs him about $1500 a month. According to our calculations, that would get him about a loss of $500. When asked how he pays off the rental, he claims to do other delivery jobs as well.

Look at how some of us Singaporeans have to suffer for an income less than $2000. Kilmar Wong appeals to rental companies to lower the rental costs for such Singaporeans and also to the recycling companies to increase the buying price of carton boxes from $0.08cts to $0.13cts per kilo.

One question comes to mind after reading this post: Singaporeans are trying to help. But is our government doing anything?

Should Singaporeans be afraid of supporting the opposition? In a speech at the Singapore Democratic Party's campaign launch, Dr Paul Tambyah recalled an encounter with a POSB Branch Manager who tried to avoid taking a photo together. 

Tambyah said that he was early for a walkabout and went into the bank after noticing a crowd there. He then took part in a lucky draw where he won a prize. His photographer wanted to take a picture of him and the Branch Manager when the latter requested for him to be cropped out. 

When asked for his reasons, the Branch Manager said: "You must understand, I got a young family, I can’t afford to be marked.

Nevertheless, he encouraged Tambyah that things will change when the opposition comes into power. 

Why should Singaporeans be worried about supporting the opposition or simply by taking a photograph with an opposition politician? Do we have to be yes men in order to survive? If we support the opposition, does that mean we are not entitled to the same benefits? Are we not Singaporeans? 

It is sad that there are people who think this way. It does not have to be like this and it should not be like this. 

Do not let the 70% or the high SES ministers deprive you of your own views. Singaporeans should be proud that we have opposition politicians who work hard to fight for us. Stand tall and support them, as it is the only way we can save ourselves from being squeezed dry even more. 


As one Bradley Button neared the end of the rice in his meal on flight SQ248  from Wellington to Melbourne, he allegedly heard a sickening crunch and spat it out to see what caused the sound - a tooth that was not his. 

Button allegedly 'threw his guts up' and was not feeling well as the idea of having someone else's body part in his food wasn't very nice. 

Button was on a flight back home after visiting a friend when the incident occurred. He claims that the flight attendant that attended to him was adamant that she had to take away the tooth for testing and was telling him it was a small rock when it was, in no shadow of a doubt, a tooth.

Button was then given a $75 voucher which he could only use on duty free in Singapore Airlines flights. The passenger seated next to him also thought that it was a chipped tooth. 

SIA has since apologized to Button for the incident and the object will be tested.

Is it a small rock or a tooth? Look at the picture and tell us what you think!

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