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A man went on to Facebook to post a screenshot of his comments on a CNA article saying "I wanna do that to K Shanmugam. I swear" on an article talking about the egg boy, the boy who smashed an egg over a Australian Senator for his racist comments.

He also posted a photo of a yellow slip from our Singapore Police Force asking him to look for a police officer at Ang Mo Kio HQ. Is this comment worthy of the time spent to interview him over? Doesn't our police have better things to do? Or are they preparing to sue another citizen for a comment on Facebook. We hope that we can get more updates after the interview.

Exciting times are coming. Stay tuned.

Singaporeans love their petitions. A petition was started to ban and also reinstate the band Watain from playing in Singapore. Now, there's a petition going around on to ban Nas Daily, aka Nuseir Yassin, from entering Singapore.

The petition, started by one Azman Samsudin, wrote:

Nas Daily has been documenting videos for 3 years with his final one being on the fifth of January, 2019. Due to the fact that his videos do contain stereotypical and also brainwashing elements and subliminal messages, we therefore wish to not have him here in Singapore to make matters worst.

He is a Muslim, but intended to have his own religion for his own benefits. What does that make him as a Muslim? Please support me by signing this petition to have him banned in Singapore, as he will be coming over and settle here starting from next month!

For those of you who missed out on yesterday's news of Nas Daily's move to Singapore, you can read it here: Nas Daily Moving To Singapore; Sinkies Not Happy.

At this time of writing, the petition has gathered over 1,400 signatures out of the targeted 1,500 signatures. One commenter summarized the reason why most Singaporeans do not like him:

Do you hope that the petition will go through and stop him from moving to Singapore? Let us know!

Another day in Singapore entails another day of complaints. A Singaporean man took to Facebook to share about his unpleasant experience with a rude Grab driver. 

He booked a Grab and was less than 5 minutes late but told the driver to wait. After a while, he got into the car and apologised for the inconvenience. Instead of brushing it off, the driver answered: "Please don’t book your grab when you cannot make it on time."

The man continued apologising despite being startled by the driver's attitude. Again, the driver retorted: "讲 sorry 没有用。这边不可以停,你讲sorry 我等一下还是中200块summon (You say sorry no use, here cannot wait, you say sorry i also will kena $200 summon)."

As if that wasn't enough, the driver almost knocked onto an e-scooter rider after he failed to stop at a zebra crossing. 

The man was frustrated that he met a dangerous and unpleasant driver so much so that he did not bother to thank him for the ride. But here's what's funny: "To make it a joke, I even accidentally rated him 5 stars because it’s my habit to rate drivers 5 stars and then close my app."

Turns out the man is also a joke.

He mentioned that it was not his first time being late and most of the time, drivers will wait. In the first place, he shouldn't take it for granted that all drivers will wait. Some don't, so it wasn't as if the driver's anger was unfounded. 

Granted, the driver may have been quite attitude but hey, too bad for accidentally giving him 5 stars when you're not so 5-star yourself?

Police have managed to track down and arrested an 18 year old e-scooter rider who was involved in a hit-and-run accident at Pasir Ris on Saturday night. A pedestrian, Mr Xie Zhi Hao, 27, was crossing the road when the green man was in his favour, when he was hit by the e-scooter.

This accident happened at Pasir Ris Drive 1 towards Pasir Ris Drive 8, and he ended up with a cracked shoulder blade, two broke toes as well as other injuries. Mr Xie was taken to Sengkang Hospital, and was discharged on Sunday. Mr Xie said that he had to spend $3,000 for his treatment, and was also given 8 weeks of MC. The e-scooterist immediately fled the scene after the accident, despite attempts by another pedestrian to keep him there. 

Police have not released any statement regarding the 18 year old who was arrested, nor how he was identified for his part in the accident. 

Nas Daily aka Nuseir Yassin, might be moving to Singapore soon - according to Alyne Tamir, fellow content creator and Nas's girlfriend. Nas will be bringing along his company here as well. Nas has previously received flak for being overly enthusiastic about Singapore and being a brand new mouthpiece for PM Lee. PM Lee even appeared in one of his videos.

Singaporean netters also bashed him for overhyping Singapore as it is not as great a place as he thinks it is. Netizens commented that he should try staying in Singapore and dealing with the high prices before making his comments.

In Alyne Tamir's Instagram post, she mentioned that she will be able to not going through traffic which netizens scoffed at. They also wondered if Nas and his company are sponsored to be here. She thinks that it's going to be "sick". Little does she know that most of us here are indeed "sick". "Sick" of living here under this government that is.

You can read her full post here:




A 62 year old taxi driver has been arrested by the police for suspected drink-driving after he crashed into a car and two other lorries at a carpark in Bedok Reservoir. The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning, March 19.

Police said they were alerted to the incident at about 1:15 am at the carpark of Blk 631 Bedok Reservoir Road. According to eye-witnesses, they heard loud bangs and tyres screeching, and were greeted by a scene of the taxi that had mounted the pavement behind some shops. The taxi then reversed twice into a wall, and subsequently hot a parked black car. The taxi then tried to squeeze between a lorry and a white car, damaging the lorry in the process. It then reversed again, surged forward and hit another lorry and then came to a stop near a tree. 

Police are currently investigating, while the operator of the Silvercab taxi, are also assisting the police in the investigations. 

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