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Speaker of Parliament, Tan Chuan-Jin, got unexpectedly dragged into Malaysia's internal politics during his official visit to Malaysia's Lower House of Parliament while it was in session.

Tan and his delegation was there on a three day visit to meet Malaysian leaders and was in the Malaysian Parliament to observe an ongoing session. That was when the announcement of Selangor UMNO MP Noh Omar receiving a three-day suspension was made. Noh said that he was not aware of this, as the suspension was made when he was not present to defend himself. He called this unfair, and turning his attention to the visiting Singapore delegates, he asked the Speaker of Parliament if he ever suspended anyone from Singapore's Parliament before.

Tan's reaction was not recorded, nor were any answers given. It was assumed that if he had to answer this question, then his reply would probably be the MPs normally would absent themselves from Parliament without the need for any suspension. 

ICYMI: Leong Sze Hian's Counterclaim Against PM Lee Dismissed By High Court Judge

The bill was sent to Leong Sze Hian's lawyer, Lim Tean via PM Lee's lawyers which are led by senior counsel. Davinder Singh. The bill was made public by Leong Sze Hian on his Facebook profile:

The bill of S$21,000 stems from two summonses, one of which was dismissed by the judge.

Leong Sze Hian has previously estimated costs for the legal battle to be approximately S$150,000 to S$200,000 on each side. The libel trial against Leong Sze Hian is due to proceed. More information to follow soon. 

Are you hoping for the best for Leong Sze Hian? Do you think it's fair for PM Lee to sue him over a Facebook post which he shared without any comments of his own? 

Singapore is the most, if not one of the most expensive countries in the world. And Despite how PM Lee mentioned that the government will work with us to solve problems like the cost of living in 2015, the PAP has/intends to increase prices of many things such as GST and sugar.

On 16 Mar 2019, Singapore Democratic Party unveiled a 10 point plan to help lower the cost of living in Singapore.

1. Cut ministerial pay to fund assistance schemes for the poor
2. Raise income tax rate for the top 1 percent
3. Ensure revenue neutral budgets
4. Scrap GST for essential items, raise GST for luxury goods
5. Legislate minimum wage
6. Reinstate estate duty
7. Reduce healthcare costs
8. Lower HDB prices
9. Return CPF savings
10. Stop profligate public spending

Do you think their 10 point plan will work for us? For their 10 point plan to come true, we firstly need a change. It's time to #VTO

Many Singaporeans who are tired of how PAP is running Singapore were looking forward to hearing more about Dr Tan Cheng Bock's party after he announced that he will be coming back into politics. In the newest update he has given us on his Facebook, his party named 'Progress Singapore Party has now been -approved-in-principle'.

This means that they have to make some accept some amendments made by the Registry of Societies to their Constitution before they are fully approved. Dr Tan Cheng Bock mentioned that they have also proposed some minor changes to their amendments and are now waiting for the Registry of Societies' final reply.

Netizens can also keep in touch with Dr Tan through the link he has provided:

Are you looking forward to see him running in the next General Elections?

The Singapore Democratic Party is set to launch its policy this Saturday, 16 Mar 2019, at its Ang Mo Kio office. Their main objective will be to keep the cost of living down for Singaporeans. 

After announcing its campaign launch, the SDP has been working hard on its policy while bearing in mind the everyday struggles of Singaporeans. It said: "The greed and arrogance of this government must be checked. We propose simple, viable measures to do this and keep Singapore affordable for our people."

Change is possible. As long as Singaporeans support those who bother to fight for us.

Change is possible. As long as we are relieved from the suffocating, tragic excuse of a government. 

Change is possible. As long as Singaporeans wake up and think for ourselves.

And when the day comes, to hell with ownself check ownself.

In terms of leadership, are the PAP leaders worse than a Primary school class monitor? Not that the latter is bad but are our ministers any good at all?

Newbie politician Khung Wai Yeen of the Singapore Democratic Party penned some thoughts on political leadership in Singapore after seeing his daughter become class monitor. He was pleasantly surprised that his daughter is capable of taking up more responsibilities and wondered if ministers today have what it takes to lead anyone. One grand example is Lee Bee Wah, who recently whined about how ungrateful Singaporeans are. 

His daughter's letter of appointment read:

"Leadership is about responsibility, not about position or privilege. You need to have the courage to press on when faced with challenges. On this day you are empowered with the responsibility of a student leaders of the school. You are to put in your best effort to uphold the school values. Use this cherished opportunity to make a positive difference to touch the lives of all students."

Khung has his doubts about the current leadership given that they refuse to acknowledge the lackluster caliber of their 4G ministers and fail to respect opposition politicians enough. 

"The only difference the ruling elites made, to touch us ah Sengs' lives, was by way of increasing fees (utilities, parking, ERPs, public transport fees, school tuition, conservancy charges), retirement age, CPF minimum sum, withdrawal age..."

Perhaps it will not even come as a surprise if a Primary School kid exhibits better leadership. 

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