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In yet another proof that the Football Association of Singapore is a joke of an organisation, they have announced that the Singapore national team coach will only be announced in June. This despite the fact that the post of national team coach had been vacant since December 2018, and the despite FAS announcing to everyone who was interested that the post will be filled up by January 2019.

Obviously, no such appointment had been made by March 2019, and football fans are no closer in finding out whether anyone had actually been interviewed for the post. And to make things more comical, Singapore will play their 2022 World Cup qualification round in June. So, coach appointed in June expected to do miracles within the same month?

Stop being a joke lah, FAS! And stop taking us fans for fools!

The FAS is still undecided about who to appoint as the Singapore national team coach, a full three months after Fandi Ahmad was told to vacate his post and concentrate on the U-23 squad instead. And yet, they have committed the national team to a tournament taking place in Malaysia later in March. Which is why,they have announced Nazri Nasir, who was assisting Fandi for the national team in the AFF Cup, as an interim coach. He is there just to plug the gaps in FAS succession planning.

This indecision shows just how poorly managed the Lions are under the stewardship of the FAS, who obviously had no game plan when they moved Fandi to another post. In any other walk of life, when a leader vacates his post, there will be someone waiting in the wings, and he will assume that role before a big event comes up. Apparently not Singapore football.

And we wonder why Singapore football have fallen so far from grace, that it has become a joke. Thank you, FAS, for destroying the national team of Singapore's most favourite sport. 

As many of you know, Ben Davis is now considered a NS defaulter and will probably be charged if he comes back to Singapore. You can read more about that here: Ben Davis Is Now An NS Defaulter, Once He Returns To SG, He Face Jail Time

In his latest news, he is now suffering from a 'nasty' shin injury. According to TNP who spoke to Huw Jennings, academy director of Fulham, he said:

“What we thought was bruising of the shin has unfortunately turned out to be more sinister, in terms of the challenge of the injury and the stress fracture.”

Ben Davis last turned up for a match on 19 Dec 2018 as a substitute on the 62nd minute. Jennings praises and provided support for Davis and is hopeful that he will be back in action in a few months time.

We hope that he will recover soon and do well over there. Make us proud!

16 year old national youth fencer, Simon Lee, has clinched the silver medal in the cadet men's epee at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship. The Championship is held in Amman, Jordan.

Simon was only ranked joint 30th seed in his category, but overcame three top 10 seeds to eventually lose in the final to Japanese Ryu Matsumoto, which is sadly not the first time Singapore fell to Japan in the month of February.

Simon had actually won the bronze medal in the same Championship last year, and he will still qualify for the age group for the next Championship next year. Chance for him to move on to the gold medal then?

The Football Association of Malaysia have just announced that they will be holding a 4 nation mini tournament during the March International break, and Singapore, along with Malaysia, Oman and the Solomon Islands are the nations participating.

The date of the tournament, named as the AIRMARINE Cup, is slated to be from 20 to 23 March, to be held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. And to underline how useless Singapore football have become, less than one month before their participation in a tournament, they are still without a coach. Fandi Ahmad left his post in December, to focus on the young Lions for the SEA Games. Two months on, local football fans are no closer to learning the identity of the next coach. The coach definitely need more than a month to know the local scene, especially if he is a foreigner.

FAS has once again proven that they are an incompetent bunch of football administrators.

AS if local football cannot go down any further, they are dealt with yet another blow, as the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) announced that all the 8 local clubs competing in the Singapore Premier League will share only 4 stadiums between them. This has led to disquiet among the clubs, as their fan base is further eroded by not actually playing at the ground their supporters have based themselves in.

The hardest hit would probably be Hougang United, who have a steady following of fans that calls themselves the Hougang Hools. The fan club will turn up in their numbers whenever Hougang United play at their home ground in Hougang Stadium. However, this year, Hougang United will play their home games at Jalan Besar Stadium, along with the Young Lions. The other three stadiums used are Bishan (Home United and Balestier Khalsa), Jurong East (Albirex Niigata and Warriors FC) and Our Tampines Hub (Tampines Rovers and Geylang International). Brunei DPMM will still base their home ground in Brunei. 

FAS acknowledged that the already small fan base might be displaced, but steadfastly claims that by focusing resources on only these 4 stadiums, the match going experience will be further enhanced. Most local football fans are just waiting for the day when the Professional league is finally dead, buried by the incompetent bigwigs at FAS. 

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